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Other / local products

MX4 Business

MX4 Business enables industry to identify and act on productivity, traceability and quality issues that may be restricting manufacturing capacity or reducing the efficiency of plant. With proven installations in Food and Beverage, Packaging, Automotive and Electronics applications MX4 Business is the natural choice to improve your companies profit and increase productivity. MX4 Business forms an integral part of a lean manufacturing or continuous improvement programme.

Please download the MX4 Business datasheet for more information

MX4 Energy

Simple and cost-effective energy management

A continued challenge is the growing cost of energy consumption. Whether for manufacturing, commercial or social facilities, the same factors apply. MX4 Energy monitors consumption of energy and provides you with the information to identify and address energy issues. Once assets have reached their optimum performance, MX4 Energy monitors on-going activity and enables prevention of energy efficiency decay.

Key questions for a cost-efficient business

  1. How can I streamline my production/office working to reduce energy costs?
  2. What is my energy cost per production unit?
  3. Where do I direct my effort to save energy costs?
  4. How do I know if my energy bills are accurate?

How does MX4 Energy work for you?

The software collates data from your business or plant, consolidating it into easily manageable information to constantly monitor energy usage and identify corrective action, ensuring optimum performance.

Please download the MX4 Energy Datasheet for more information

Synergy Packs

Mitsubishi Electric’s automation software covers a wide range of hardware and applications required for industry today. As new hardware products are launched into the market, software needs to be revised and updated to ensure clients benefit from the latest technological.

The Synergy Software Pack is a yearly subscription service offering a comprehensive solution to maintaining the latest software revisions for a wide range of productivity software. In fact, one of the major benefits of the Synergy Pack is access to a wide range of licensed automation software. This offers a very cost effective approach to system programming, development and maintenance. Involvement in the Synergy Pack scheme is available for everyone who uses Mitsubishi Electric automation products, either in an operational situation, or as a system developer.

Subscribers to the Synergy Pack receive the latest software revision DVD twice a year. They are also eligible for further software upgrades upon request if hardware developments require it.

Please download the Synergy Pack Datasheet for more information

Energy saving drives

Further Information

Get further information or request project assistance, please email, or telephone 01707 288 780.

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