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Certified Engineer Programme


The Mitsubishi Certified Engineer programme is designed to generate, and recognise competent engineers, certified in Mitsubishi’s Automation Systems equipment.

Mitsubishi Certified Engineers will have a high degree of technical competence, across and wide range of Mitsubishi equipment.

To obtain certification, candidates must satisfy both theoretical and practical test elements.

To see a list of our Certified Engineers please click here.

System Integrators and Specialists

Officially recognised on our web-site, companies listed in our Mitsubishi System Integrator Programme (MSIP) have undergone training. This ensures that the automation products in your project are integrated by Mitsubishi Certified Engineers.

  • MSP status is awarded to companies who can offer a “top down” total integration capability. They are able to engineer a “turn-key” solution and offer a strong client orientated added value service capability.

    To see a list of our Mitsubishi Solutions Providers please click here

  • MSS status is awarded to companies who provide solutions in more specialist fields or produce elements of a total solution but not the entire solution themselves.

    To see a list of our Mitsubishi System Specialists please click here

  • MRS status is awarded to companies who provide MELFA robot integration and/or service and repairs.

    To see a list of our Mitsubishi Robot Specialists please click here


Mitsubishi can make sure your personnel get the latest automation training to be prepared and up to date with advancing technology.

Training courses are constantly monitored through feedback and evaluation forms to ensure we are delivering the best style of training possible.

Scheduled courses

A comprehensive training schedule is available at Mitsubishi UK’s three regional automation centres:

  • Southern – Hatfield
  • Northern – Wakefield
  • Scotland – Livingston

For further information please visit our Training page or alternatively email our Training Department direct.

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