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MELFA Robots – RH-F(R)HR Series

Maximum Speed and Precision

MELFA Robots – RH-F(R)HR Series

With its special compact design and support for overhead installation above the application, the robots RH‑1F(R)HR and RH‑3F(R)HR do not take up any valuable space in the work area next to the installation location, enabling even smaller work cell dimensions. For high-speed handling of small parts up to 1kg, the RH‑1F(R)HR is the perfect robot. It allows up to 150picks/min. with conveyer tracking including hand open/close. The RH‑3F(R)HR robot’s perfectly circular cylindrical work space is 150 mm high with a diameter of 700 mm. It can access any point in this space while manipulating a payload up to 3kg.

Highlights RH-1F(R)HR

  • Highest productivity: Up to 150 picks/min. with conveyor tracking including hand open/close
  • Flexible installation: Cell, wall and floor mounting for easy integration into any working cell
  • Increased operation area: Peripheral equipment can be set up below the robot
  • Wide range of applications: IP protection from IP20 to IP65 / ISO Class 5 can be increased by adding a bellow
  • Closed arm housing: Internal vacuum valve and internally routed cables present any snagging with peripheral equipment.

Highlights RH-3F(R)HR

  • Space saving: Overhead installation for minimum spare requirement
  • Compact and cost effective: Compact design by only 24kg weight for simple mounting system
  • Increase your productivity: Cycle times of up to 0.32 seconds with accuracy of up to 0.01 mm
  • Flexible workspace: 700 mm circular diameter, 150 mm spindle extension movement
  • Protection for harsh environments: IP20, optional IP65 and Clean-room model (ISO-Level III) is available

The RH-FRHR series offers 3 additional features: "Next-generation intelligent functions", "Safe, collaborative work applications", and "FA-IT integration functions".

Product range

Degrees of freedom44
Payload nominalkg13
Maximum reach radiusmm550350
Environmental specificationsStandardIP20 (IP65 optional)IP20 (IP65 optional)
CleanISOclass5 (optional)
ControllerCR750-D/CR750-Q + Q172DRCPU
CR800-D/CR800-R + R16RTCPU

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