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MELFA Robots – RH Series

The palletising specialists

MELFA Robots – RH Series

Fast palletizing, targeted re-sort, perfect fit: and all of this in record time. This is the RH-series of Mitsubishi Electric, which in the SCARA class provides excellence in 0.29 seconds. The product range includes the entry-level model RH-3F(R)H to work with up to 3 kg, the power pack RH-6F(R)H with a maximum of 6 kg load capacity, the RH-12F(R)H with 12 kg load capacity and the top model RH-20F(R)H with 20 kilograms load capacity and a range of up to 1000 mm. All variants are available as a complete system or as an easy to integrate module for full PLC-functionality of the robot on the Mitsubishi Electric iQ platform.

In addition, the extremely low cycle times of the RH-series also provide exceptional flexibility: Due to the drastic extension of its swivelling range, the robot easily achieves any position within its workspace.


  • We increase your productivity: Cycle times of up to 0.29 seconds with accuracy of up to 0.01 mm
  • Maximize your reach: 350 up to 1000 mm range, 150 to 340 mm spindle length
  • optimum protection: IP54 as standard, optional IP65 sealed enclosure
  • Hygiene: Food grade grease as standard (from RH-6FH) or clean-room model (ISO-level III) available. To this end, all signal and pneumatic cables are already inboard
  • Connectors: Pneumatic and electrical grippers, Ethernet, USB, camera interface and two encoder connections as well as up to 8 additional external axles, optional I/O and field bus expansion cards. Direct Connection: via Ethernet to the ASAT-operating terminals.
  • Configuration: As a complete system with robot and controller or PLC module for full PLC-functionality of the robot on the iQ Platform
  • Teaching box: Full graphic R56TB with touch screen or R32TB

The RH-FR series offers 3 additional features: "Next-generation intelligent functions", "Safe, collaborative work applications", and "FA-IT integration functions".

Product range

Degrees of freedom4444
Payload nominalkg361220
Maximum reach radiusmm350 / 450 / 550350 / 450 / 550550 / 700 / 850850 / 1000
Z-Strokemm150200 / 340350 / 450350 / 450
Environmental specificationsStandardIP20IP54 (IP65 optional)IP54 (IP65 optional)IP54 (IP65 optional)
CleanISOclass3 (optional)ISOclass3 (optional)ISOclass3 (optional)ISOclass3 (optional)
ControllerCR750-D/CR750-Q + Q172DRCPU
CR800-D/CR800-R + R16RTCPU

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