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Contactors and Motor Starters

Magnetic Contactors and Relays and Motor Protection Relays and Solid State Contactors

Wide selection of products that supports all types of applications.

MS-T/N Series Motor Starters are environmentally friendly, internationally usable, compact, easy to use and safe. They comply with many international standards, and cover a wide range of applications, from switchboards to machines requiring high reliability.

Product List

  • Switches load current by using electromagnets.

    • • Non Reversing Contactors
    • • Optional Parts and Accessories
  • Commands or transmits control circuit signals.

    • • Contactor Relays
    • • Optional Parts and Accessories
  • Protects the motor against burnout.

    • • Motor Protection Relays without Phase Failure Protection
    • • Optional Parts and Accessories
  • A Motor Circuit Breaker is a device that combines Low Voltage Circuit Breaker and Thermal Overload Relay functions.

    • • Motor Circuit Breakers
    • • Optional Parts and Accessories

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