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FR Configurator

The setup software FR Configurator is a powerful tool for the operation of your frequency inverter.

The software runs under all versions of MS Windows and therefore allows the inverter operation via any conventional personal computer. Several frequency inverters can be set up, operated, and monitored simultaneously across a network or via a personal computer or laptop.

The software FR Configurator is designed for all frequency inverters of the 700 series.

The FR Configurator2 is designed for 800 series, starting with FR-A800, but will include connection to 500/700 series in the future.

The connection between personal computer and inverter is established either via an RS485 network or directly via an SC-FR PC adapter cable available separately. For the FR-E700 SC/FR-A700 series a USB-connector is also available.

  • Due to the network capabilities of the inverter up to 32 frequency inverters can be operated simultaneously.
  • By means of overall and function related overviews different parameters can be adjusted easily.
  • The comprehensible display functions enable data, analog, oscillograph, and alarm displays.
  • The analysis of the inverter status provides a thorough error correction.
  • The test operation provides a simulation of the operation and adjustment via the auto-tuning function.
  • Parameters can be saved on the personal computer and printed out.
  • The extensive online help provides support concerning all questions regarding settings and operation.
  • FR Configurator2 includes built in PLC programming functionality for 800 series.

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