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2018-10-04 – Ready Engineer One

The computer games generation was always a refence to teenagers… well it was in the ‘80s and '90s (to save you looking it up, the ZX Spectrum was first launched in the UK in 1982). It’s no surprise then that most engineers working now are comfortable with digital interface technology...


2018-09-18 – In the Future You'll Likely be Talking to Your Robots

Automation has always lent itself to the manufacture of mass produced disposable medical devices and the bulk processing of samples - for two main reasons; initially for speed and repeatability, and then because human presence poses one of the biggest contamination risks in a clean production or processing environment.

2018-09-10 – Industrial Robots Access AI via the Cloud

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a cloud-based solution for pro-active maintenance based on the AI platform within IBM Watson, which enables the smart analysis of operational data to predict and highlight future maintenance requirements.

2018-07-31 – Mobile Robots Put Manufacturing on the Move

An autonomously guided vehicle (AGV) equipped with a robot arm has been developed by Mitsubishi Electric and Mirage, making it possible to deploy the same robot at multiple workstations. The system has been designed to give unprecedented flexibility to assembly lines and boost plant productivity.

2018-07-24 – New thermoformer is big on space-saving

The new Shawpak branded cleanroom thermoforming packaging machines can now replace a packing line that may stretch out to 20m with a unit that is under 2m in length.

2017-11-02 – Six-axis robot turns 3D printing into an art form

A project at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) is looking at 3D printing from a totally different angle

2017-10-12 – Mitsubishi Electric highlights the potential of SCARA robots in packaging applications at PPMA 2017

The Mitsubishi Electric stand at PPMA 2017 includes a robot demonstration to show how the use of robotics on packaging lines can increase throughput

2017-07-02 – Mitsubishi Electric demonstrates easy integration for new packaging machinery automation solutions

With the aid of a ProSeal GT0 automatic in-line tray sealing system on its stand at the PPMA Show, Mitsubishi Electric is demonstrating how the most advanced high-speed heat sealing technology and robots are becoming far easier to deploy.

2017-06-28 – Robots make sure there isn’t a screw loose

Mitsubishi Electric has worked with system integrator TQC to build a new production line for a customer where robots and automation have been combined with an OEE monitoring system to ensure assembly and testing work is carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible.

2017-05-19 – Enterprising engineers use Mitsubishi Electric robot to automate printer cartridge refills

A team of UK maintenance engineers has developed a new automated cartridge refill cell built around a Mitsubishi Electric articulated arm robot. The cell quickly and accurately refills printer cartridges, making the company’s recycling programme more cost effective to operate. The solution has proved so successful that it is now being rolled-out to other plants around the world.

2017-04-25 – The robotic revolution in life sciences

As the life sciences industry looks to address today’s production challenges, Neal Welch of Mitsubishi Electric explains how in demanding applications such as the manipulating of live cultures, robots are in a league of their own.

2017-02-14 – Single Source Supply Can Massively Reduce Costs for Machine Builders of any size

The automotive industry and other global manufacturing businesses have long espoused the mantra of a reduced supplier base in order to find assembly efficiencies and reduce costs. The real benefits are in a drastically reduced expenditure on development and a faster time-to-market for new products. The same benefits can be realised by machine builders of any size confirms Mitsubishi Electric.

2016-08-02 – UCB life scientists use robots to test cells by the billion

An automated primary antibody screening work cell for early stage development of potential new treatments for central nervous system and immunology disorders has been designed and built for UCB by Farnborough-based Peak Analysis and Automation (PAA) Ltd.

2016-03-08 – Mitsubishi Electric content preview for D&C Show 2016

Mitsubishi Electric will be demonstrating the advantages of fully integrated automation on Stands D544 and its robots on D982 at the Drives & Controls Exhibition (NEC, Birmingham, 12-14 April 2016).

2015-06-01 – Robots are on the march

There have not been that many robots used in food processing industries to date but we are on the cusp of a sea change, says Chris Evans, Marketing & Operations Group Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Automation Systems Division. Five years from now they will be very much the norm.

2014-11-20 – Robots helping food processors future proof their plants.

People need to eat, so there will always be a food industry. But people are also demanding, so price, quality and availability are the main forces that drive development in the industry.

2013-11-14 – Robot population boom to continue says Mitsubishi Electric

The boom in UK robot installations is predicted to continue for the rest of this year and beyond, according to Barry Weller, a robot and automation specialist with Mitsubishi Electric.

2013-10-29 – Robot has vision to win Food Processing Award

A tri-company project representing the best of British innovation and application expertise has won the Robotics and Automation category of the Food Processing Awards 2013.

2013-03-10 – Mitsubishi Electric Robot redefines performance standards and is food safe

The new MELFA F-Series robots from Mitsubishi Electric are designed to be flexible, fast, functional - and food safe. As such they are expected to open up many new fields of usage.

2013-02-02 – Mitsubishi Electric Robot picks stem cells

A dynamic British company has harnessed the precision of robots, flexibility of machine vision and powerful laboratory automation software to push forward research into stem cells, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and genomics.

2013-02-01 – Food Industry Frowing to new levels of Automation

UK food prices have risen 12 percent in the last five years, while incomes have fallen 10 percent. There were seasonal shortages this year and experts are predicting worldwide food shortages by 2020. Clearly the food industry needs to think hard about the future, reducing waste and increasing efficiency, as a recent food and beverage conference hosted by Mitsubishi Electric discussed.

2012-04-25 – Mitsubishi Electric sets new performance benchmarks with F Series SCARA robots

Mitsubishi Electric has extended its RH range of MELFA SCARA robots with the launch of the new F Series, setting new benchmark standards for speed, flexibility, ease of integration and simplicity of programming. Combining a wide area of coverage with the industry’s fastest cycle times, the F Series provides a cost-effective means to boost productivity on critical production lines.

2012-03-13 – Precision robot cell for the pharmaceutical industry uses automation technology from Mitsubishi Electric

At the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 in Nuremberg, Mitsubishi Electric has presented a production cell with an integrated RH-3SDHR industrial SCARA robot for use in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The application is designed for handling single-use syringes by removing them from the production conveyor belt for further processing after filling.

2012-01-14 – Robots arise as British manufacturing rebuilds

The number of robots in UK factories and production plants is growing at an unprecedented rate as the manufacturing sector prepares for an ever-more competitive and globalised future.

2012-01-18 – Next generation of development engineers use industrial robots from Mitsubishi Electric at WorldSkills

31 compact RV-2SDB industrial robots from Mitsubishi Electric were put through their paces at the recent WorldSkills international skills event held in London. Integrated into modular production systems (MPS) from Festo Didactic.

2011-11-02 – Robots: A must for UK manufacturing success

Barry Weller of Mitsubishi Electric looks at the role that robots are playing in helping to reduce production costs and enabling UK manufacturers to become more adaptable.

*Note: The texts and illustrations are copyright protected by Mitsubishi Electric. They may be freely used provided they are used exclusively for reporting and informing about Mitsubishi Electric or our products. The use of these texts and illustrations beyond press or radio reporting purposes requires our explicit consent.

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