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2018-04-10 – Arriving now… the factories of the future

Factories populated by autonomous vehicles delivering parts and sub-assemblies across the shop floor, robots working alongside human operators to assemble customised products


2017-01-03 – Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance is growing – APT Automation becomes the latest member

Mitsubishi Electric has recently welcomed APT Automation as member of the e-F@ctory Alliance. They are a key provider of automation and production technology solutions. The two businesses collaborate closely to address industry challenges such as improved productivity, increased overall equipment effectiveness and greater production line flexibility.

2013-01-30 – Mitsubishi Electric to Acquire KH-Automation Projects and Expand Project Management Reach

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) and KH-Automation Projects GmbH, a subsidiary of Koop Holding Group and long term strategic partner of Mitsubishi Electric, announced by mutual agreement that Mitsubishi Electric will acquire 100% share of KH-Automation. This strategic acquisition brings together two partners who have enjoyed a close working relationship over the past 12 years.

2012-12-04 – Combat rising energy costs with energy management systems from Mitsubishi Electric

Energy transition has resulted in an increase in energy costs and has made the subject of energy efficiency increasingly significant. The primary concerns of the production industry include the need to ensure that companies remain competitive, even with rising energy costs, and that production processes continue to run smoothly without any problems.

2012-11-30 – Eighth annual EMS Summit proves success for e F@ctory Alliance partners and Mitsubishi Electric Europe

The e F@ctory Alliance partners and Mitsubishi Electric, Factory Automation – European Business Group (FA-EBG) enjoyed a highly successful European Manufacturing Strategies (EMS) Summit in October, hosting a keynote speech and an expert panel discussion, while discussing with delegates the benefits of advanced automation solutions within the e F@ctory Village.

2012-07-24 – New e-F@ctory Alliance partner: Simulation software from Emulate3D

British advanced engineering software specialist Emuate3D has joined the e-F@ctory Alliance of Mitsubishi Electric Europe, bringing emulation and simulation software which reduces commissioning time and cost for Mitsubishi controllers.

2012-06-27 – FELTEN adds new green flavour to Mitsubishi Electric’s growing e-F@ctory Alliance partnership program

Leading specialist MES supplier to global food, flavours and pharmaceutical industries FELTEN Group has been added to the pantheon of Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance partners with two distinct innovations, one is a specialist MES integration and the other a green energy solution.

2012-05-14 – With the new e-F@ctory Alliance partner Visual Components - Mitsubishi robots enter a 3D world for easy simulation

The Finnish 3D factory simulation software expert Visual Components has joined the Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance - having integrated all of Mitsubishi’s Robots into its industry leading ‘3DRealize R’ automation simulation software.

2012-04-17 – Removing layers of system complexity helps to boost productivity

To meet the challenges of modern process control, companies are looking for the means to increase flexibility, to boost efficiency and to increase productivity. This calls for a new approach to enterprise-wide integration that enables a seamless flow of information through all levels of the business, from the plant floor to higher level business systems.

2012-03-19 – Mitsubishi Electric at Anuga FoodTec 2012 – Complete solutions from a single source

Mitsubishi Electric's Food & Beverage team will take part in the Anuage FoodTec, to be held from 27-30 March 2012 in Cologne, Germany. Mitsubishi Electric will be present with its e-F@ctory Alliance partner Felten GmbH.

2012-01-10 – Mitsubishi Electric demonstrates how manufacturers can increase production flexibility and reduce energy costs with scalable, open architecture

Recognising that manufacturers can no longer produce goods simply for stock if they are to remain flexible and competitive, and that managing energy costs is now essential, Mitsubishi Electric has focused on delivering all the technologies and tools that companies need in order to boost their productivity, increase their flexibility and reduce specific production costs.

2011-10-14 – Mitsubishi Electric Makes 19.9% Equity Investment in ICONICS

Tokyo, October 5, 2011 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., its 100% subsidiary selling industrial automation equipment in the U.S., has made a 19.9% equity investment in the U.S. software company ICONICS.

2011-09-06 – Energy Control Pack from Mitsubishi provides scalable solutions for managing plant energy costs

As energy costs spiral ever upwards, companies of all sizes are looking to manage their energy uses by optimising the efficiency of their plant. Realising that successfully optimising energy usage depends on complete transparency throughout the enterprise, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the Energy Control Pack (ECP).

2011-08-23 – Mitsubishi and the e‑F@ctory Alliance Sponsor the 7th Annual EMS Summit, hosting panel discussions and demonstrating e‑F@ctory capabilities

Mitsubishi Electric and the e‑F@ctory Alliance, are the official event sponsors for the 2011 European Manufacturing Strategies (EMS) Summit, held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 17-19 October. Mitsubishi will be building an e‑F@ctory Village within the main event, while the e‑F@ctory Alliance will be running two important panel discussions.

2011-08-16 – The e‑F@ctory Alliance brings solutions partners to your finger tips

Currently the e‑F@ctory Alliance covers over 20 different partners across areas including communications, electrical power solutions, enclosures and fittings, enterprise connection, data connectivity, manufacturing process, programming, SCADA and vision systems.

2011-05-28 – MAPS project versus Traditional project in cost and time

Background information/Details - Add on to press text "MAPS dramatically reduces your engineering effort and costs throughout the life cycle of the plant"

2011-05-28 – MAPS dramatically reduces your engineering effort and costs throughout the life cycle of the plant

Engineers looking to develop and deliver integrated SCADA systems, and then operate and maintain those systems over a lifetime that could see many ongoing alterations and upgrades, will understand the difficulties of maintaining consistency and integrity.

*Note: The texts and illustrations are copyright protected by Mitsubishi Electric. They may be freely used provided they are used exclusively for reporting and informing about Mitsubishi Electric or our products. The use of these texts and illustrations beyond press or radio reporting purposes requires our explicit consent.

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