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2017-06-05 – Classic luxury yacht refitted using Mitsubishi Electric drives

When the prestigious luxury yacht Sanssouci Star was refurbished to retain its classic feel but operate with super-modern high-tech equipment, no compromise was made on component quality. As a result Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 inverter drives were selected to provide an intelligent, reliable and energy efficient solution for the engine room HVAC system.

Drives & Motion

2017-02-23 – Are your Variable Speed Drives running at MAXIMUM efficiency?

While variable speed drives (VSDs) provide an important energy saving technology, Mitsubishi Electric’s Matt Handley questions how many of the installed base of drives are actually set up to run at their maximum efficiency.

2016-06-08 – The future of inverter drives in the water industry

The challenges facing the water industry include climate change, rising energy costs, tightening legislation, population growth and increasing usage per head. The use of automated systems in order to make pumps and processes work more efficiently is helping keep pace with these demands; however, what does the future hold for one ...

2016-03-08 – Mitsubishi Electric content preview for D&C Show 2016

Mitsubishi Electric will be demonstrating the advantages of fully integrated automation on Stands D544 and its robots on D982 at the Drives & Controls Exhibition (NEC, Birmingham, 12-14 April 2016).

2016-02-29 – Dust and splash proof drives added to Mitsubishi Electric range

A new range of IP55 enclosed variable speed drives has been launched by Mitsubishi Electric that are ideally suited for use in harsher environments than conventionally packaged inverter drives.

2015-11-16 – South East Water award Mitsubishi Electric new Framework Agreement for Automation Products

A new Framework Agreement between South East Water and Mitsubishi Electric has been agreed for four years with an option to extend for a further two years. The framework agreement covers the supply of PLCs, HMIs, VSDs and associated equipment, as well as support, training, extended warranties, software updates and bespoke 24/7 support.

2015-10-12 – Dairy Crest maintains continuous operation thanks to comprehensive service support for its automation equipment

A rapid and successful response to a machine breakdown at a busy dairy has led to an enduring relationship between the dairy and the automation equipment manufacturer, which has been formalised into a comprehensive automation equipment service support contract for the entire plant.

2015-09-22 – White paper asks what is the true cost of Automation downtime?

Unexpected production stoppages are increasingly unacceptable in modern manufacturing environments, especially the food industry where lost output, penalty clauses and upset customers are just some of the issues arising.

2015-09-22 – New inverter designed for pumps, fans and compressors resets performance benchmarks

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology for its latest pump and fan inverter, the FR-F800, which offers previously unattainable performance in terms of energy saving, optimised speed control, simple start-up, connectivity and the versatility of its features.

2015-07-31 – Virtual power plants - A reliable source of energy for the future.

The amount of electricity produced using renewable energy sources is subject to fluctuations, making the network unstable. Conventional power plants can be used to balance out the situation. However, the problem with these is their negative CO2 balance and lack of flexibility. Virtual power plants can ensure stability by automatically combining renewable energy sources based on availability.

2015-07-03 – Mitsubishi Electric Europe shows how to get the most from waste to energy and renewable resources

Whatever the application, Mitsubishi Electric is likely to offer a solution, which is why the market leading company is both exhibiting at the RWM show, acting as an event sponsor and sharing its expertise at the energy conference.

2014-05-08 – Bringing energy under control with Mitsubishi Electric at Facilities Show 2014

Mitsubishi Electric has a double demonstration of its expertise in energy saving on stand Number Q1155 at the Facilities Show (17-19 June, Excel, London). It will be highlighting its innovative, energy efficient Jet Towel hand dryer and showcasing its world class inverters which can drastically reduce the energy consumption of electric motors.

2014-04-11 – Mitsubishi Electric designs special water management solutions

At this year’s IFAT – the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management – Mitsubishi Electric, along with its subsidiary ME-Automation Projects GmbH (formerly KH-Automation Projects), will be presenting a range of innovative solutions designed for the water market.

2014-04-10 – New Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800 series of drives provides maximum drive performance for plant and machinery

The new class leading drive from Mitsubishi Electric has been specially designed for use in high end applications where maximum output and performance, increased efficiency and reliability are guaranteed. At the same time our use of in-house technology advancements will enable the optimisation of plant efficiency and energy balance.

2014-02-11 – Energy Saver Demo highlights huge opportunity for British industry

Huge amounts of energy are still being wasted throughout British industry because variable speed inverter drives are still not fully appreciated, so Mitsubishi Electric has developed a simple but effective demonstration that can be seen in an on-line video, operated as a virtual demo or used in reality at the company’s headquarters in Hatfield.

2014-01-06 – Mitsubishi Electric leads trend in motion and servo technology

User expectations for motion control and servo technologies are changing, with more emphasis being placed on ease of installation, energy efficiency, safety and productivity. Barry Weller of Mitsubishi Electric looks at the current trends and the future of these vital technologies.

2013-08-26 – Award recognises Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo as ‘giant leap forward in precision motion’ – September 2013

Mitsubishi Electric’s latest MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers has won a prestigious ‘Product of the Year’ award in the Motors, Drives and Motion product category of the annual industry awards organised by respected European industry title Control Engineering Czech.

2013-07-08 – Next generation servo drives from Mitsubishi Electric boost performance, save energy and simplify system set up- July 2013

Mitsubishi Electric has launched its next generation of servo systems, offering safe, user-friendly and energy-efficient motion control.

2013-05-24 – Smart conveyor lines up quiches for precision baking- July 2012

In the drive to reduce packaging and its resultant waste, a specialist machinery builder has developed a pressureless queuing conveyor for collating quiches prior to baking.

2013-03-04 – Plastic Recycler goes Greener by swapping to AC Drives

Maintenance costs have been reduced significantly at a plastic recycling plant by replacing the DC drive on the critically important compounder with a variable speed AC system.

2013-01-22 – Energy recovery in vertical lift system thanks to the latest inverter technology from Mitsubishi Electric

The sophisticated Hänel EcoDrive® lift system for intralogistics tasks uses the compact Mitsubishi Electric FR-A741 frequency inverter with integrated energy recovery function.

2012-10-23 – Mitsubishi F700 inverters now offer BACnet support for building services applications as standard

Mitsubishi Electric has upgraded the FR-F700-EC range of inverters with network support for BACnet, the most common data communications protocol in building automation and control networks. Introduced in 1987, BACnet is today the backbone of the vast majority of building services networks, and support for the protocol on the FR-F700-EC makes it easy to integrate the drive into building services.

2012-09-05 – Inverter enhances its solutions for pump and water applications

Mitsubishi Electric has upgraded the FR-F700-EC range of inverters with a number of functions that meet the specific needs of water and pumping applications.

2012-08-01 – Crane drive in for the long haul- August 2012

A regenerative drive and AC motor package that replaced an aging slip ring motor on a crane has brought a multitude of benefit and is expected to maintain its near-continuous operation for many years to come.

2012-01-04 – Mitsubishi Electric adds Ethercat Communications to its MELSERVO Servo Drives

Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSERVO MR-J3-A series servo drives can now be EtherCAT ready, with a new communications module that delivers increased speed and performance for demanding motion control and other automation applications.

2011-10-18 – New 7kW and 9kW motors from Mitsubishi Electric complete high performance servo range

Mitsubishi Electric has added two new models to its HF-JP series of high speed, low inertia motors designed for demanding machine applications. The new 7kW and 9kW models complete the HF-JP range, which now extends from 500W up to 15kW, providing engineers with the ideal motors for building compact, high efficiency, high speed machines.

2011-09-01 – Mitsubishi Electric drives technology advances

Mitsubishi Electric is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing variable speed drives. With unit sales of over 15 million frequency inverters worldwide, the company is one the world’s largest producers by volume, reflecting the quality of the products and the trust that customers place in the company.

2011-04-13 – Mitsubishi Electric marks 30 years of success in variable speed drives

With over 30 years of expertise in variable speed drives development, there are few companies better placed than Mitsubishi Electric to translate market requirements into effective solutions or to drive trends in motor control. The company has sold more than 14 million frequency inverters worldwide, reflecting the quality of the products and the trust that customers place in the company.

*Note: The texts and illustrations are copyright protected by Mitsubishi Electric. They may be freely used provided they are used exclusively for reporting and informing about Mitsubishi Electric or our products. The use of these texts and illustrations beyond press or radio reporting purposes requires our explicit consent.

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