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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

Martin Gadsby

Martin graduated in engineering with an honours degree from the University of Bath in the late 1970’s. After working through a classical graduate engineering apprenticeship and a few positions in industry, he became the R&D European Group Leader for Kraft Foods in relation to new process automation and processing techniques. After a few years at Kraft, Martin decided to set up a process automation business with a colleague, Dave Richards, and Optimal was born.

Optimal Industrial Automation was formed over 32 years ago, with Martin still being one of the two Directors and owners to this day. Optimal Industrial Technologies was formed more recently as the products division and is a market leader in the field of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) with its PAT Knowledge Management product – synTQ. Martin is intimately involved with progressing the evolution of synTQ and advising the Optimal development team on what he believes to be the optimum development direction. Over the last few years he has taken on the overall responsibility for the sales and marketing of synTQ whilst remaining very active in ensuring that the development of synTQ continues unabated. On the personal front, Martin is a bit of a ‘petrol head’ and enjoys flying aerobatics and racing cars.

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