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Factory Automation

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Mitsubishi Electric at Drives & Controls 2018

Mitsubishi Electric had automation-on-the-move at this year's Drives & Controls show

Articulated arm robots that can move around a factory floor on AGVs and linear transfer carriages that can direct and think for themselves were both featured amongst other innovative products and solutions on our exhibition stands at Drives & Controls 2018.

As one stand was not going to be enough for us, we exhibited in three different zones: Drives & Controls, the Smart Industry Expo and the Robotic Demonstration Zone, where we displayed a robot solution that was developed together with AGV manufacturer Mirage.

Innovation now for productivity gains tomorrow

Visitors were be able to see a comprehensive range of robots, predictive maintenance solutions, intelligent conveying systems and AGVs. We also presented new industry leading developments in our automation solutions, such as PLCs, networks and HMIs.

All solutions presented by Mitsubishi Electric are designed to improve plant control and drive productivity, as well as reduce downtime for companies in different sectors.

Data collection and ease of integrating the plant with the enterprise level and beyond are fundamental in delivering Smart Manufacturing and adopting the principles of Industry 4.0 and Mitsubishi Electric demonstrated many innovations in this area including edge computing and integrated network solutions.

AI and much more

Mitsubishi Electric exhibited a cloud based robot solution based on an AI platform, interfacing to IBM Watson. It uses predictive maintenance models, digital simulation and extrapolation of trends to provide maintenance information based on actual usage and wear characteristics. This solution can also be coupled with smart glasses, through which the operator receives guidance on what tasks need to be performed.

Mitsubishi Electric also had the UK's first live demonstration of our latest solution, the Linear Transfer System, in the Smart Industry Expo. This is an advanced packaging and assembly system equipped with on-board intelligence, data memory and integrated power for on-carriage devices, e.g. sensors. These allow the machine to ensure real-time synchronisation with other processes, to switch between vertical and horizontal tracks and to address operator safety. The Smart Carriage can also store product information or data and communicate them from one station to the next. This also allows the carriage to detect different products and decide on optimum routes and destinations.

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