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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

Advanced Condition Monitoring

What do pumps, fans, motors and gearboxes have in common? They all use roller bearings. As these bearings are often buried deep inside the machine, making it impossible to see what condition they are in at any given time, which significantly increases the risk of breakdown and downtime in your production. Condition monitoring offers a predictive approach to plant maintenance ensuring optimum asset performance whilst keeping downtime to a minimum.

To optimise maintenance activities it is crucial to have up to date visibility of the status of machinery including primary assets and services such as motors, fans, pumps and gearboxes.

Mitsubishi Electric offers this capability through its integrated solutions collecting live data from advanced measurement sensors for analysis by multiple levels of management systems.


Standard monitoring concepts often focus on only classic machine and process parameters such as temperature, pressure or hours of operation.


SmartCheck is an independently operating, compact, modular measurement system for the permanent monitoring of machines. The system can monitor both classic parameters and vibration-based parameters.

Mitsubishi Electric, in conjunction with Schaeffler, can provide an integrated approach to monitor the condition of the asset. Information can be automatically transferred over Ethernet networks via the iQ Automation Platform to multiple information levels.

SmartCheck combines smart sensor intelligence with real-time monitoring and control. The ability to passively detect variations in machine condition whilst linking to the control system leads to early warning signals and the ability to prevent costly downtime and loss of production.

SmartCheck works by detecting the normal vibrations of a machine and looking for patterns outside the norm, this leads to a series of alarm conditions that are used to alert the maintenance crew that attention is needed.

A teach function allows the SmartCheck system to learn the machine in its normal operating state, it creates a memory map of the vibration readings, all machines vibrate to one degree or another and using sophisticated analysis techniques the sensor can locally detect abnormal operation . Further advanced methods of vibration analysis are also possible using software tools.

The ability to link multiple SmartCheck sensors back to a single controller leads to a better understanding of the complete area to be monitored. This information can be networked to higher level systems in many ways including wired and wireless methods.

A pre-programmed controller and operator display is used to make the system extremely easy to install and configure, sensors can simply be plugged in and enabled using the touch screen display, within minutes the system is active and monitoring the plant. Real-time alarms give the operator textural graphical information about the type of condition that the alarm relates to.

Here, Volker Erberich from Schaeffler, explains how the Mitsubishi Electric / FAG SmartCheck solution, with its innovative compact design and it self- teaching out of the box capabilities, along with many other features that include a history log, can help detect problems early on and allow maintenance teams schedule planned maintenance and prevent costly unexpected down time.


Monitoring can cover products such as:

  • Electric motors
  • Geared motors
  • Vacuum and fluid pumps
  • Ventilators and fans
  • Gearboxes
  • Compressors
  • Spindles and machine tools
  • Separators and decanters


  • Reliable real time monitoring on the machine - Innovative vibration sensor with patented diagnosis technology
  • Intelligent process monitoring - Recording of different process parameters and correlation with vibration signals
  • Easy installation - Less wiring and easy integration due to the device’s compact size
  • Intuitive operation - Automatic adjustment of alarm thresholds thanks to self learning mode (plug and play option), LED error indicator
  • Long term storage of historical data - Information is available over a long term. An intelligent thinning-algorithm provides historical data for several years
  • Flexible, expandable system - Individually adaptable stand-alone system.
  • Full service around machine diagnosis and rolling bearings - Consulting, commissioning, remote service, maintenance contracts, training courses, rolling bearing solutions etc.

The Smart Condition Monitoring Kit-1 COMPACT

Simple decision. The SCM Kit-1 COMPACT offers outstanding value and reduces costly downtime. It is a completely preconfigured condition monitoring solution with a vibration sensor and is optionally expandable with up to six sensors.


  • Compact control cabinet H × W × D: 30 × 30 × 21 cm
  • 1 × SmartCheck sensor with 10 m Ethernet connecting cable, expandable with up to six sensors. Mounting with M6 screw connection
  • Integral programmable SmartCheck sensor controller for data processing and external signal handling
  • Integral 4.3“ operating display for visualisation and parameter adjustment
  • PoE switch for data signals and sensor power supply
  • Part Number: 290578

Optional for expansion:

  • SmartCondition Monitoring Kit-Extension-10 m consisting of 1 × Ethernet cable, 10 m, and one SmartCheck sensor - Part No. 283166
  • SmartCheck- Kit pre-configured sensor #2 - Part No. 298547
  • SmartCheck- Kit pre-configured sensor #3 - Part No. 298548
  • SmartCheck- Kit pre-configured sensor #4 - Part No. 298549
  • SmartCheck- Kit pre-configured sensor #5 - Part No. 298550
  • SmartCheck- Kit pre-configured sensor #6 - Part No. 298551
  • Ethernet cable 10 Metre for SCM Kit sensor - Part No. 271188
  • Ethernet cable 20 Metre for SCM Kit sensor - Part No. 271189
  • Ethernet cable 30 Metre for SCM Kit sensor - Part No. 298545
  • Ethernet cable 50 Metre for SCM Kit sensor - Part No. 297286

Application article

Intelligent condition monitoring keeps thermal paper production running

A condition monitoring system installed on a paper coating machine has enabled the Mitsubishi HiTec Paper plant in Bielefeld, Germany to switch from time-based to condition-based monitoring, helping to avoid unnecessary machine shutdowns. Enabling the new system is a Mitsubishi Electric L-series PLC that operates as a bidirectional gateway between the controller and sensors.

To read the full story click on the following link:

Smart Condition Monitoring Appliaction Article


SmartCheck Brochure

If you want to read the full details about SmartCheck , you can download the brochure using the link below.

SmartCheck Brochure


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