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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

End of Life Statement

COPYRIGHT © 2012 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mitsubishi have been selling Beijer manufactured HMIs for many years now and since their release, the E1000 and iX HMI series have proved to be very popular. However, as some of these products are now over 10 years old the time is right for us to move on to the more modern Mitsubishi Electric GOT2000 series. Therefore as of 30th Nov E1000 and iX HMI products will be discontinued and be replaced by their GOT2000 equivalents, as these enable us to offer our customers greater performance, more features and better value for money.

Phase out schedule: Last time buy (LTB) – 30/11/15 Last date when Mitsubishi Electric will accept customer orders. End of Service (EOS) – 30/11/22 Service and support will be offered until this date, thereafter at the discretion of Mitsubishi Electric.

Why change to GOT


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