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On this page you will find information on the trade events we will be exhibiting at this year and the events we organise to inform our customers about all aspects of industrial automation.

This is also where you can find out more about our current special offers and activities.

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Latest News

2019-01-08 – Robot arms are getting everywhere…

Robots undoubtably take the drudgery out of many repetitive manufacturing, packaging and processing tasks. Engineers are generally fascinated by the idea of improving production processes...

2018-11-20 – Automation meets craftsmanship

Although often perceived as a threat to traditional industries, automation can actually empower artisans to have greater control over skilled manufacturing processes and enable improved product...

2018-11-12 – Cyber Security in the Emerging Digital World

It seems a long time ago now since various malware attacks on the operational layer changed the security landscape and highlighted vulnerabilities in the de-facto automation architecture...

2018-11-02 – Next generation predictive maintenance tools have the edge

Mitsubishi Electric’s latest cloud-based predictive maintenance solution is supported by the AI platform within IBM Watson and implemented with voice control and AR features. This innovation shows how interconnected, intelligent systems can maximise responsiveness, productivity and plant control while reducing costs and downtime.

2018-10-23 – Continued market growth is testament to the development of PLCs

The PLC versus IPC or PC based control debate has been with us for over two decades now, with commentators making various predictions about the rise of industrial controllers with PC based internals versus purely PLC solutions...

2018-10-04 – Ready Engineer One

The computer games generation was always a refence to teenagers… well it was in the ‘80s and '90s (to save you looking it up, the ZX Spectrum was first launched in the UK in 1982). It’s no surprise then that most engineers working now are comfortable with digital interface technology...

2018-09-18 – In the Future You'll Likely be Talking to Your Robots

Automation has always lent itself to the manufacture of mass produced disposable medical devices and the bulk processing of samples - for two main reasons; initially for speed and repeatability, and then because human presence poses one of the biggest contamination risks in a clean production or processing environment.

2018-09-10 – Smart Condition Monitoring Helps Barley Malt Producer Keep a Head

Muntons Malt, one of the UK's largest producers of malted barley has chosen the Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) system from Mitsubishi Electric to protect fans and motors vital to its large-scale and sensitive production process. Used to make beer, spirits and a range of popular foodstuffs, malted barley is produced in large batches where conditions are critical to a consistent product.

2018-09-10 – Industrial Robots Access AI via the Cloud

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a cloud-based solution for pro-active maintenance based on the AI platform within IBM Watson, which enables the smart analysis of operational data to predict and highlight future maintenance requirements.

2018-07-31 – Mobile Robots Put Manufacturing on the Move

An autonomously guided vehicle (AGV) equipped with a robot arm has been developed by Mitsubishi Electric and Mirage, making it possible to deploy the same robot at multiple workstations. The system has been designed to give unprecedented flexibility to assembly lines and boost plant productivity.

2018-07-24 – New thermoformer is big on space-saving

The new Shawpak branded cleanroom thermoforming packaging machines can now replace a packing line that may stretch out to 20m with a unit that is under 2m in length.

2018-08-06 – Mitsubishi Electric acquires ASTES4 SA in Switzerland

The strategic purchase of ASTES4 SA automated sheet metal sorting systems will strengthen Mitsubishi Electric’s global laser processing machine business Based in Switzerland ASTES4 SA (ASTES4) is engaged in development, production and sales of Patented automated sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing machines. As a wholly owned subsidiary, customers can now benefit from integrated...

2018-07-18 – New Widescreen HMIs from Mitsubishi are Stylish and Feature Packed

Mitsubishi Electric has added two new widescreen versions of its popular GOT2000 HMIs to the range. Display additional screen information for enhanced machine operability and improved user experience.

2018-04-10 – Arriving now… the factories of the future

Factories populated by autonomous vehicles delivering parts and sub-assemblies across the shop floor, robots working alongside human operators to assemble customised products

2018-02-13 – Mitsubishi Electric has automation on-the-move at Drives & Controls

Articulated arm robots that can move around a factory floor on AGVs and linear transfer carriages

2018-01-11 – What’s on the rack…

The increasing modularity of PLC components means that in principle life has been getting easier for systems integrators of late

2017-12-06 – Mitsubishi Electric’s Smart Condition Monitoring solution wins 2017 Food Processing Award

Mitsubishi Electric has gained further recognition for the innovative Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) solution, winning the Continuous Improvement category at the 2017 Food Processing Awards.

2017-11-02 – Six-axis robot turns 3D printing into an art form

A project at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) is looking at 3D printing from a totally different angle

2017-10-12 – Mitsubishi Electric highlights the potential of SCARA robots in packaging applications at PPMA 2017

The Mitsubishi Electric stand at PPMA 2017 includes a robot demonstration to show how the use of robotics on packaging lines can increase throughput

2017-10-05 – Optimising packaging machines for ease of integration and advanced functionality

Today’s packaged goods manufacturers face challenges to reduce costs per package unit, on lines that need to be flexible and ready for the introduction of the latest packaging innovations.

2017-09-28 – Mitsubishi Electric highlights profitability and production increases from automation solutions at PPMA 2017

Mitsubishi Electric enjoyed a highly successful PPMA show, demonstrating the benefits of advanced automation systems and solutions for packaging machinery.

2017-09-07 – Automation platforms deliver productivity benefits in food and beverage production

There are clear benefits for food & beverage manufacturers in rationalising their automation vendors.

2017-08-17 – The age of the PLC platform is now

Can an automation system be more than just the sum of its parts? Barry Weller of Mitsubishi Electric argues that it can and that the age of the PLC platform is now bringing a host of benefits

2017-07-27 – Alarm management – Finding the needle is IIoT’s biggest asset

HMIs have long been established as the best way of providing up to the minute information about processes for years now

2017-06-15 – Smart Condition Monitoring helps pharmaceutical manufacturers drive for world class OEE scores

As pharmaceutical manufacturers look to boost productivity and minimise downtime, frequently now with the goal of moving from batch production to continuous operation, Neal Welch, Life Science Sales Manager, Automation Systems Division at Mitsubishi Electric highlights the importance of smart condition monitoring technologies.

2017-07-05 – Smart Condition Monitoring aims to end downtime for the Food and Beverage Industry

Predictive maintenance is the best answer to minimising the risks of equipment failure, however, monitoring practices in the past have been expensive, problematic and at worst, unreliable.

2017-07-02 – Mitsubishi Electric demonstrates easy integration for new packaging machinery automation solutions

With the aid of a ProSeal GT0 automatic in-line tray sealing system on its stand at the PPMA Show, Mitsubishi Electric is demonstrating how the most advanced high-speed heat sealing technology and robots are becoming far easier to deploy.

2017-06-28 – When and where will Industry 4.0 actually happen?

There are a great many people now invested in working towards achieving the goals set out by Industry 4.0. For a concept that started life as a German government strategy project it is fair to say that it has captured the imaginations of many engineers and futurists from around the globe.

2017-06-28 – Robots make sure there isn’t a screw loose

Mitsubishi Electric has worked with system integrator TQC to build a new production line for a customer where robots and automation have been combined with an OEE monitoring system to ensure assembly and testing work is carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible.

2017-06-15 – Smart Condition Monitoring helps pharmaceutical manufacturers drive for world class OEE scores

As pharmaceutical manufacturers look to boost productivity and minimise downtime, frequently now with the goal of moving from batch production to continuous operation, Neal Welch, Life Science Sales Manager, Automation Systems Division at Mitsubishi Electric highlights the importance of smart condition monitoring technologies.

2017-06-05 – Classic luxury yacht refitted using Mitsubishi Electric drives

When the prestigious luxury yacht Sanssouci Star was refurbished to retain its classic feel but operate with super-modern high-tech equipment, no compromise was made on component quality. As a result Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 inverter drives were selected to provide an intelligent, reliable and energy efficient solution for the engine room HVAC system.

2017-05-19 – Enterprising engineers use Mitsubishi Electric robot to automate printer cartridge refills

A team of UK maintenance engineers has developed a new automated cartridge refill cell built around a Mitsubishi Electric articulated arm robot. The cell quickly and accurately refills printer cartridges, making the company’s recycling programme more cost effective to operate. The solution has proved so successful that it is now being rolled-out to other plants around the world.

2017-05-18 – Smart manufacturing – the Challenges and Benefits

Chris Evans, Marketing & Operations Group Manager at Mitsubishi Electric explores what is actually meant by “smart manufacturing” by considering the benefits of adopting the concept and what challenges may lie ahead.

2017-04-25 – The robotic revolution in life sciences

As the life sciences industry looks to address today’s production challenges, Neal Welch of Mitsubishi Electric explains how in demanding applications such as the manipulating of live cultures, robots are in a league of their own.

2017-03-27 – Industry 4.0 Summit highlights plant floor to IT level integration

Mitsubishi Electric enjoyed a successful inaugural Industry 4.0 Summit at the Manchester Central Convention Centre recently, demonstrating an appetite for advancing factory automation technology from a wide range of industries.

2017-03-08 – The immediate future for automation in the food industry The immediate future for automation in the food industry

Chris Evans, Marketing and Operations Group Manager at Mitsubishi Electric – Automation Systems Division UK comments on what to look out for now and what is just round the corner in terms of automation for the food and beverage industry.

2017-02-24 – New technology for teaching robots and guiding humans

Famous for its efficient and reliable small articulated arm and SCARA robots, Mitsubishi Electric is now offering the ultimate in programming flexibility; a hand-held Direct Teach Pendant. It enables the operator to physically teach a standard, or clean room robot movements and action sequences without a complex software interface.

2017-02-23 – Are your Variable Speed Drives running at MAXIMUM efficiency?

While variable speed drives (VSDs) provide an important energy saving technology, Mitsubishi Electric’s Matt Handley questions how many of the installed base of drives are actually set up to run at their maximum efficiency.

2017-02-14 – Single Source Supply Can Massively Reduce Costs for Machine Builders of any size

The automotive industry and other global manufacturing businesses have long espoused the mantra of a reduced supplier base in order to find assembly efficiencies and reduce costs. The real benefits are in a drastically reduced expenditure on development and a faster time-to-market for new products. The same benefits can be realised by machine builders of any size confirms Mitsubishi Electric.

2017-02-09 – Twin robots learn to live and work with each other

A robot cell developed using two Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RV Series robots has used the latest robot control technology to ensure their movements are perfectly synchronised. The production cell in question prints and assembles over three million components per year, changing over seamlessly on-demand to assemble a range of different parts.

2017-01-11 – Mitsubishi Electric Named to CDP’s Water and Climate A Lists

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that CDP, a global disclosure system for companies and governments to manage their environmental impacts, has given Mitsubishi Electric its highest rank, the A List, in two categories, water and climate.

2017-01-03 – Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance is growing – APT Automation becomes the latest member

Mitsubishi Electric has recently welcomed APT Automation as member of the e-F@ctory Alliance. They are a key provider of automation and production technology solutions. The two businesses collaborate closely to address industry challenges such as improved productivity, increased overall equipment effectiveness and greater production line flexibility.

2016-08-02 – UCB life scientists use robots to test cells by the billion

An automated primary antibody screening work cell for early stage development of potential new treatments for central nervous system and immunology disorders has been designed and built for UCB by Farnborough-based Peak Analysis and Automation (PAA) Ltd.

2016-07-07 – AMP6: The Effects on the Supply Chain

As always at the start of any AMP period, the supply chain expectations are for the often promised “early start.” This feeling was further enhanced by the predicted industry spend, in excess of £44b. However, reality indicates that the norm is for a drive to reduce costs and this in itself raises many challenges.

2016-06-03 – Industrial automation training from Mitsubishi Electric reflects software advances in control systems and HMI screen design

The 2016 programme of Training Courses from Mitsubishi Electric has been released. It features a new course in GX Works3 and an updated course in GOT 2000, alongside many of the established basic and advanced learning opportunities for professional engineers.

2016-06-08 – The future of inverter drives in the water industry

The challenges facing the water industry include climate change, rising energy costs, tightening legislation, population growth and increasing usage per head. The use of automated systems in order to make pumps and processes work more efficiently is helping keep pace with these demands; however, what does the future hold for one ...

2016-05-31 – New solution from Mitsubishi Electric

High-speed contact image sensor offers compact, distortion-free alternative to line scan cameras. Mitsubishi Electric has responded to the needs of the surface inspection market, in particular within the print industry, with the launch of a high-speed version of its contact image sensor (CIS), distributed under the name Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar...

2016-04-26 – Generation Game

One of the principles regularly quoted by plant engineers is: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. This isn’t always appropriate but when it is, it can relate to machinery that has delivered over 10, 20 or even 30 years with almost total reliability. The question is, what happens when the equipment’s age becomes an issue in itself?

2016-03-08 – Mitsubishi Electric content preview for D&C Show 2016

Mitsubishi Electric will be demonstrating the advantages of fully integrated automation on Stands D544 and its robots on D982 at the Drives & Controls Exhibition (NEC, Birmingham, 12-14 April 2016).

2016-02-29 – Dust and splash proof drives added to Mitsubishi Electric range

A new range of IP55 enclosed variable speed drives has been launched by Mitsubishi Electric that are ideally suited for use in harsher environments than conventionally packaged inverter drives.

2016-01-12 – Top 10 reasons why you still need a PLC…

Despite the emergence of alternative control solutions, the popularity of the PLC endures. Mitsubishi Electric product manager Hugh Tasker offers ten reasons why you still need a PLC.

2015-12-02 – Mitsubishi Electric announces a significant presence at D&C exhibition in 2016

UK trade shows have experienced their ups and downs over the last two or three decades, however, they have endured and are now enjoying somewhat of a resurgence in popularity as exhibition organisers and venues work together to improve the relevance and accessibility of their events.

2015-11-16 – South East Water award Mitsubishi Electric new Framework Agreement for Automation Products

A new Framework Agreement between South East Water and Mitsubishi Electric has been agreed for four years with an option to extend for a further two years. The framework agreement covers the supply of PLCs, HMIs, VSDs and associated equipment, as well as support, training, extended warranties, software updates and bespoke 24/7 support.

2015-10-28 – Robot keeps Newtech at the cutting edge of cake slicing

When automation OEM Newtech looked to design a new ultrasonic cutting machine for the bakery industry, it turned to Mitsubishi Electric for a fast, efficient, flexible and clean robotic solution.

2015-10-12 – Dairy Crest maintains continuous operation thanks to comprehensive service support for its automation equipment

A rapid and successful response to a machine breakdown at a busy dairy has led to an enduring relationship between the dairy and the automation equipment manufacturer, which has been formalised into a comprehensive automation equipment service support contract for the entire plant.

2015-10-12 – Waterworks modernisation supports regional economic regeneration

A water treatment works (WTW) in South Wales has had its control system completely upgraded, without disruption of supply to the population of around 70,000 people it serves.

2015-09-22 – White paper asks what is the true cost of Automation downtime?

Unexpected production stoppages are increasingly unacceptable in modern manufacturing environments, especially the food industry where lost output, penalty clauses and upset customers are just some of the issues arising.

2015-09-22 – New inverter designed for pumps, fans and compressors resets performance benchmarks

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology for its latest pump and fan inverter, the FR-F800, which offers previously unattainable performance in terms of energy saving, optimised speed control, simple start-up, connectivity and the versatility of its features.

2015-09-21 – Energy efficiency – it’s a journey, not a destination

The UK Government has for many years used a carrot and stick approach to promote energy efficiency in companies and other organisations by introducing legislation and offering tax breaks or other incentives. Here Jeremy Shinton, Product Manager – Business Solutions at Mitsubishi Electric, looks at some of the current initiatives.

2015-07-31 – Virtual power plants - A reliable source of energy for the future.

The amount of electricity produced using renewable energy sources is subject to fluctuations, making the network unstable. Conventional power plants can be used to balance out the situation. However, the problem with these is their negative CO2 balance and lack of flexibility. Virtual power plants can ensure stability by automatically combining renewable energy sources based on availability.

2015-07-23 – Mitsubishi FA Integrated Solutions: Honda Motor Co., Ltd., a Customer Case Study.

Honda’s cutting-edge “Yorii Plant” adopts “CC-Link IE Field Network”; higher production line efficiency increases its competitive ability in the global market.

2015-07-09 – New simple, robust and cost-effective distributed control system for smaller plants

Mitsubishi Electric and ME-Automation Projects, part of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, will launch a new distributed control system, the PMSX®micro, at the RWM exhibition this year. The new system is designed specifically for smaller scale applications. PMSX®micro runs on a single industrial computer and delivers proven control technology in an inexpensive and easily engineered package.

2015-07-03 – Mitsubishi Electric Europe shows how to get the most from waste to energy and renewable resources

Whatever the application, Mitsubishi Electric is likely to offer a solution, which is why the market leading company is both exhibiting at the RWM show, acting as an event sponsor and sharing its expertise at the energy conference.

2015-06-26 – 25 things you may not know about drives

Drives have been a key technology for industrial engineers for many years but Matt Handley of Mitsubishi Electric thinks they can be underappreciated. Here he highlights some of the interesting facts about them.

2015-06-11 – Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – Opportunity or More Red Tape?

The latest EU energy initiative, The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), is coming into play. There is a danger that this could prove to be nothing more than pointless and expensive red tape but get it right and it will spur companies to greater energy efficiency and payback a worthwhile return on investment, says Jeremy Shinton of Mitsubishi Electric.

2015-06-01 – Robots are on the march

There have not been that many robots used in food processing industries to date but we are on the cusp of a sea change, says Chris Evans, Marketing & Operations Group Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Automation Systems Division. Five years from now they will be very much the norm.

2015-05-16 – Cyber-security: a journey, not a destination

Cyber-security has been a hot topic since the Stuxnet incident of a few years ago. Previously it was thought that securing the “top end” of an organisation was an adequate solution but this incident and others like it completely changed the security landscape and highlighted vulnerabilities in the de-facto automation architecture that previously had not been considered.

2015-05-05 – Industry 4.0 in the Food and Beverage industry

The practical advantages that the new cyber-physical interface of Industry 4.0 brings are acknowledged by engineers across a range of industries. Jeremy Shinton, Product Manager – Business Solutions at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Automation Systems Division, explains how food and drink manufacturers in particular can benefit from the implementation of Industry 4.0:

2015-04-27 – Market leaders cooperate to match their drives and motors

Mitsubishi Electric and Brook Crompton are to offer their inverter drives and motors as a matched and tested package, forming part of a UK-wide agreement that pre-empts tightening energy efficiency regulations.

2015-04-16 – Cyber-security:

Cyber-security has been a hot topic since the Stuxnet incident of a few years ago. Previously it was thought that securing the “top end” of an organisation was an adequate solution but this incident and others like it completely changed the security landscape and highlighted vulnerabilities in the de-facto automation architecture that previously had not been considered.

2015-04-03 – Event success promises UK manufacturing has strong future.

A one-day event – to highlight future developments in British manufacturing – proved so successful that it was twice oversubscribed and was extended to a second.

2015-02-25 – Mitsubishi’s new iQ-R series offers PC processing performance in a PLC environment.

Mitsubishi Electric has developed the “next generation” Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) and is the first to market with a controller that is designed to meet the needs of industry 4.0.

2015-02-23 – The compact PLC is back! - Mitsubishi Electric launches the new iQ-F PLC series.

Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its iQ range of PLCs with the compact MELSEC iQ-F series, building on the legacy of the market leading FX platform and broadening the range of available applications with a comprehensive set of “built in” functions that offer features only previously found as add-ons or which did not exist at all in this category of PLCs.

2015-02-19 – Mitsubishi Electric launches two next generation controller ranges

Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its iQ automation platform with the launch of two new ranges of controllers – the MELSEC iQ-R ‘next generation’ programmable automation controllers (PACs) and the MELSEC iQ-F range of compact PLCs. Each of the new products addresses different segments of the machine control, process control and automation markets, with industry leading performance and functionality

2015-01-26 – Mitsubishi Electric adds second day to the ‘Future Manufacturing Event’ due to popular demand.

The Future Manufacturing Event being held at the AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) at Sheffield University and organised by Mitsubishi Electric has proved so popular since it was announced in January that it has now been extended to a second day in order to cope with demand.

2014-12-29 – Mitsubishi Electric offers free admission to the ‘Future Manufacturing Event’ on 17th March in Sheffield

The free to enter event is intended to appeal to anyone working in manufacturing, engineering or automation and interested in where manufacturing and technology are today and where they will be in the near future. The ‘Future Manufacturing Event’ is a combination of seminars, exhibitions and one-to-one contact with experts from leading software and hardware vendors.

2014-11-20 – Robots helping food processors future proof their plants.

People need to eat, so there will always be a food industry. But people are also demanding, so price, quality and availability are the main forces that drive development in the industry.

2014-10-14 – M2M communications brings new level of sophistication to the water industry

The 'Internet of Things' is coming to the water industry, delivering new levels of data that will enable water companies to control remote assets with increased sophistication, minimise risk, ensure security of supply, save energy and meet ever more stringent EU directives.

2014-09-19 – Energy from Waste sector gets ready for expansion and development

Mitsubishi Electric's first-time presence in the EfW (Energy from Waste) hall at the Resource Efficiency and Waste Management show (RWM) in Birmingham, UK, has been hailed as an immediate success.

2014-07-30 – Making baked products manufacturing fit for the future: Productivity and efficiency through data transparency

Pressure on prices is rising in the bakery market. Of particular concern is the increasing pressure from the discounters who are competing with cheap products baked freshly in store. At the same time, productivity and profit margins are low in the food processing industry in comparison to other producing industries.

2014-07-22 – Mitsubishi Electric demonstrates world class capabilities in energy from waste

RWM 2014, Birmingham UK – 16-18 September 2014, Halls 4 & 5 - Stand 4C44-D45

2014-06-02 – Mitsubishi Electric’s M2M solution opens up a new world of communications

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications holds the key to a new paradigm of industrial automation and production. Jeremy Shinton, Product Manager – Business Solutions & Software for Mitsubishi Electric, explains how.

2014-05-16 – Making bakery production future-ready thanks to data transparency

At this year’s trade press days in Karlsruhe, Mitsubishi Electric switched the focus to the bakery industry with its presentation “Increasing Productivity through Automation Technology in the Food Industry”.

2014-05-08 – Bringing energy under control with Mitsubishi Electric at Facilities Show 2014

Mitsubishi Electric has a double demonstration of its expertise in energy saving on stand Number Q1155 at the Facilities Show (17-19 June, Excel, London). It will be highlighting its innovative, energy efficient Jet Towel hand dryer and showcasing its world class inverters which can drastically reduce the energy consumption of electric motors.

2014-04-11 – Mitsubishi Electric designs special water management solutions

At this year’s IFAT – the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management – Mitsubishi Electric, along with its subsidiary ME-Automation Projects GmbH (formerly KH-Automation Projects), will be presenting a range of innovative solutions designed for the water market.

2014-04-10 – New Mitsubishi Electric GOT2000 series: HMIs with multi-touch function and gesture control

Improved user-friendliness, expanded functionality, high cost-efficiency and optimum integration into Mitsubishi Electric’s Automation portfolio are key features of the new GOT2000 HMI series just launched by Mitsubishi Electric in the UK. The successor to the ultra-reliable GOT1000 HMI range increases plant productivity and energy efficiency whilst reducing total operating costs.

2014-04-10 – New Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800 series of drives provides maximum drive performance for plant and machinery

The new class leading drive from Mitsubishi Electric has been specially designed for use in high end applications where maximum output and performance, increased efficiency and reliability are guaranteed. At the same time our use of in-house technology advancements will enable the optimisation of plant efficiency and energy balance.

2014-04-04 – Mitsubishi Electric announces the opening of the MEU Branch in Dubai for the Automation Division

Mitsubishi Electric Europe, MEU, is expanding its business in the Middle East region announcing the opening of the new Branch for Automation Division in Dubai at Dubai Silicon Oasis.

2014-02-27 – UK OEMs deserve full support says Mitsubishi Electric

The UK OEM sector is keen to expand and improve its international competitiveness, and government officials are equally keen as this will help to rebalance the national economy away from an overreliance on financial services. Jon Sumner, OEM Solutions Manager for Mitsubishi Electric says that there are some vital issues to address, for success.

2014-02-11 – Energy Saver Demo highlights huge opportunity for British industry

Huge amounts of energy are still being wasted throughout British industry because variable speed inverter drives are still not fully appreciated, so Mitsubishi Electric has developed a simple but effective demonstration that can be seen in an on-line video, operated as a virtual demo or used in reality at the company’s headquarters in Hatfield.

2014-02-07 – Starting Signal: Mitsubishi Electric constructs a new office building in Ratingen

The starting signal has been given. Mitsubishi Electric will build a new office and administration building in Ratingen-Ost. The contract concerning the new building was signed and notarized on 17 January 2014. The company subsequently announced the plans in a press conference.

2014-01-06 – Mitsubishi Electric leads trend in motion and servo technology

User expectations for motion control and servo technologies are changing, with more emphasis being placed on ease of installation, energy efficiency, safety and productivity. Barry Weller of Mitsubishi Electric looks at the current trends and the future of these vital technologies.

2013-11-14 – Robot population boom to continue says Mitsubishi Electric

The boom in UK robot installations is predicted to continue for the rest of this year and beyond, according to Barry Weller, a robot and automation specialist with Mitsubishi Electric.

2013-11-12 – Mitsubishi Electric’s new FX3S creates a new PLC category

The new FX3S PLC from Mitsubishi Electric completes the market-leading FX3 compact PLC range with the most powerful micro PLC yet. By taking the power and flexibility of the existing FX3G and FX3U premium compact PLCs and distilling it into a micro format Mitsubishi have created a new PLC category, the Premium Micro PLC.

2013-11-09 – Keep on running with a Mitsubishi Electric service contract

With its ‘make today, sell tomorrow’ scheduling, the food and beverage manufacturing sector has an almost total intolerance to production breakdowns. They have developed sophisticated techniques to keep the lines working and the distribution channels full. Guy Kennett of Mitsubishi Electric explains that other sectors can benefit by adopting similar systems.

2013-10-29 – Robot has vision to win Food Processing Award

A tri-company project representing the best of British innovation and application expertise has won the Robotics and Automation category of the Food Processing Awards 2013.

2013-08-26 – Award recognises Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo as ‘giant leap forward in precision motion’ – September 2013

Mitsubishi Electric’s latest MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers has won a prestigious ‘Product of the Year’ award in the Motors, Drives and Motion product category of the annual industry awards organised by respected European industry title Control Engineering Czech.

2013-08-08 – Mitsubishi Electric’s new FX3GE offers designers even more choice

Mitsubishi Electric’s FX3 series is already the world’s leading compact PLC range; however the developers felt there was still a requirement for another variant of the highly successful FX3G mid-range version. There are already standard brick and super compact formats; namely FX3G and FX3GC, which offer great flexibility through expansion by using FX3’s innovative dual bus architecture. Expansion

2013-07-23 – Mitsubishi Electric Launches Industrial Automation Business in Turkey

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced that its local Turkish entity, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey A.Ş., has integrated the operations of GENEL TEKNİK SİSTEMLER SANAYİ ve TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (GTS) and is now inaugurating sales of industrial automation systems under a new 42-person organization encompassing five sales offices in the country.

*Note: The texts and illustrations are copyright protected by Mitsubishi Electric. They may be freely used provided they are used exclusively for reporting and informing about Mitsubishi Electric or our products. The use of these texts and illustrations beyond press or radio reporting purposes requires our explicit consent.

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