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2017-03-08The immediate future for automation in the food industry The immediate future for automation in the food industry - Chris Evans, Marketing and Operations Group Manager at Mitsubishi Electric – Automation Systems Division UK comments on what to look out for now and what is just round the corner in terms of automation for the food and beverage industry.More
2017-02-24New technology for teaching robots and guiding humans - Famous for its efficient and reliable small articulated arm and SCARA robots, Mitsubishi Electric is now offering the ultimate in programming flexibility; a hand-held Direct Teach Pendant. It enables the operator to physically teach a standard, or clean room robot movements and action sequences without a complex software interface. More
2017-02-23Are your Variable Speed Drives running at MAXIMUM efficiency? - While variable speed drives (VSDs) provide an important energy saving technology, Mitsubishi Electric’s Matt Handley questions how many of the installed base of drives are actually set up to run at their maximum efficiency.More
2017-02-14Single Source Supply Can Massively Reduce Costs for Machine Builders of any size - The automotive industry and other global manufacturing businesses have long espoused the mantra of a reduced supplier base in order to find assembly efficiencies and reduce costs. The real benefits are in a drastically reduced expenditure on development and a faster time-to-market for new products. The same benefits can be realised by machine builders of any size confirms Mitsubishi Electric.More
2017-02-09Twin robots learn to live and work with each other - A robot cell developed using two Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RV Series robots has used the latest robot control technology to ensure their movements are perfectly synchronised. The production cell in question prints and assembles over three million components per year, changing over seamlessly on-demand to assemble a range of different parts.More
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Advanced Condition Monitoring – Condition monitoring offers a predictive approach to plant maintenance ensuring optimum asset performance whilst keeping downtime to a minimum.

Contact Image Sensors – Highest image quality with minimum effort