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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

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Entry-level robots to kick-start new factory automation projects Mitsubishi Electric is expanding its MELFA CR series for cost-conscious robot users by adding a new slim, long reach 8kg load capacity articulated arm model. The RV-8CRL is ideal for anyone interested in economical machines for low-to-medium complexity applications, allowing them to effectively choose between SCARA and six-axis solutions at a similar price point.
Mitsubishi Electric drives achieve iFLY high When iFLY, the leading operator of indoor skydiving tunnels worldwide, needed new drives to continue delivering its unique experience at the company’s facility in Milton Keynes, it chose a powerful and highly reliable solution from Mitsubishi Electric.
Digital food for thought: Smart factories and the use of AI from an automation perspective Factory automation has traditionally provided the food industry with faster, more reliable and cleaner production capacity - however, with the advent of the smart factory and commercial AI the factory of the very near future is starting to make production efficiency improvement decisions itself.
The Right Recipe for Advanced Plasma Surface Treatment A new multi-function plasma surface treatment system uses a powerful, yet compact automation package from Mitsubishi Electric.
New Cobot With Easy Handling Mitsubishi Electric’s new collaborative robot, the MELFA ASSISTA, has been developed to work alongside human operators without the need for guards or safety fences, while meeting new requirements for adequate distancing of workers in manufacturing sites.

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Assista - Collaborative Robot from Mitsubishi Electric – Humans collaborating with robots in manufacturing processes need maximum safety and ease of use- introducing our new cobot MELFA ASSISTA

We Know... Series of Webinars – We Know... Series of Webinars looks to share with you what we know about key topics relating to the Automation industry. We look forward to sharing with you what we know.

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