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Factory Automation

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2018-07-31Mobile Robots Put Manufacturing on the Move - An autonomously guided vehicle (AGV) equipped with a robot arm has been developed by Mitsubishi Electric and Mirage, making it possible to deploy the same robot at multiple workstations. The system has been designed to give unprecedented flexibility to assembly lines and boost plant productivity.More
2018-07-24New thermoformer is big on space-saving - The new Shawpak branded cleanroom thermoforming packaging machines can now replace a packing line that may stretch out to 20m with a unit that is under 2m in length.More
2018-07-18New Widescreen HMIs from Mitsubishi are Stylish and Feature Packed - Mitsubishi Electric has added two new widescreen versions of its popular GOT2000 HMIs to the range. Display additional screen information for enhanced machine operability and improved user experience.More
2018-04-10Arriving now… the factories of the future - Factories populated by autonomous vehicles delivering parts and sub-assemblies across the shop floor, robots working alongside human operators to assemble customised productsMore
2018-02-13Mitsubishi Electric has automation on-the-move at Drives & Controls - Articulated arm robots that can move around a factory floor on AGVs and linear transfer carriagesMore
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Industry 4.0 White Paper – The fourth industrial revolution has created what has been dubbed ‘Industry 4.0’. This white paper explains the background, consider the challenges and offer solutions to the adoption of I4.0.

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