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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

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Pick-and-place robot cell is cost efficient for small batch sizes Sensor manufacturer Lenord + Bauer has used a MELFA RV Series robot from Mitsubishi Electric to optimise its manufacturing production cycle for frequent product changeovers. The robot cell has taken over monotonous manual pick and place tasks at its Gladbeck plant in North West Germany. Crucially the robot operates safely in close proximity to the rest of the workforce.
Delivering on Smart Manufacturing! At this year's Drives & Controls show, Mitsubishi Electric is focussing on practical solutions that allow manufacturing companies and machine builders to realise the real advantages of smart automation systems.
Collaborative or cooperative - Which type of robot suits your application best? Robots are becoming increasingly easy to use, more economical and suitable for a higher number of industrial applications. As human operators and robots increasingly share a common space in the manufacturing environment, the choice between a collaborative or cooperative machine is naturally being given more consideration.
Raising the bar in partner excellence! As part of Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to providing customers with the highest level of expertise and support, it has developed an elite 'Innovation Partner' status.
Safe in the (robotic) arms of Mitsubishi Electric! Mitsubishi Electric’s SafePlus option helps to turn hundreds of industrial robots into co-operative solutions. Collaborative and co-operative robotic solutions that work together with humans are on the rise, as they can support operators on the factory floor and enhance their output.

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Industry 4.0 White Paper – The fourth industrial revolution has created what has been dubbed ‘Industry 4.0’. This white paper explains the background, consider the challenges and offer solutions to the adoption of I4.0.

Contact Image Sensors – Highest image quality with minimum effort
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